About Mlink.com

Developing innovative technology with a commitment to outstanding customer service.

Mlink.com’s founding partners got their start back in 1990 while working for a small New Hampshire company called Corporate Microsystems Inc. CMI created one of the first data polling applications, the Mlink and ACM communications system. Business was going well but really accelerated when Pepsico became a partner. CMI eventually became one of the leading companies of its kind.

Since then, our staff have worked with many of the largest corporations in the world designing and implementing a wide variety of network communications systems. We believe that innovative technology goes hand in hand with experience and that outstanding customer service is a priority. We also believe that good customer service is only bettered by software that needs very little customer service.

The Data Resource Manager (DRM), is designed to be a single solution for managing your wide area network. If you need polling, ad hoc data transfer with local and remote processing, software patching and distribution, remote system statistics, software inventory, DRM does it all. We never sit still because technology never sits still. We are constantly growing so we can meet your requirements.